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The Achievement Club is a regular meet-up group that gets together to discuss self-improvement goals. A Life Coach hosts these meetings and guides group discussions around pathways to success. The club offers cash incentives to members who achieve their own personal goals. Participants join for 6 months at a time and work on goals such as getting a new job or going back to school. The Achievement Club Coach provides advice and support along the way as members achieve their goals.  Meetings are twice a month for the first three months and once a month for the last three months. Workshops to support Club members are given at each meeting.

Past Goals Completed by Achievement Club Members

  • Buy a Car
  • Get a Job
  • Buy a House
  • Go back to school
  • Start a small business
  • Host a Neighborhood Block Party


  • 6-month program
  • Meals served at each meeting
  • $25 cash incentives for step completion
  • $25 cash incentives for goal completion
  • Monthly maximum $100.00
  • Bonus payment for perfect attendance

Workshop Topics

  • Program Introduction
    Teaches the Achievement Club values and incentives system
  • Envision your SMART goals
    Participants complete a vision board and select their personal  SMART goals
  • Money Matters
    Learn about budgeting and financial planning, with a focus on saving $500
  • Increase your Income
    Learn strategies to increase personal income from employment to investing
  • Family Matters
    Teaches family connection and understanding
  • Community Involvement
    Learn how to be a leader in your neighborhood

Results for Participants

  • Improved self-confidence and social support networks
  • Personal Achievements for members and their families
  • Small cash influx for members

Peers support each other to make their dreams come to life.

To date, the Achievement Club model has built peer support communities in the Atlanta metro area including Gwinnett, Cobb, Douglas, Clayton, and Fulton counties. Participants are excited about working toward their dreams and help each other find the path to make success happen.  As members achieve their goals, others are inspired and encouraged to continue working and follow the steps to accomplish their own goals.

Kym H. R. Kennedy, Coordinator  |  Email:  |  Phone: 404-766-4131 x23

Frequently Asked Questions

Achievement Club is a group that meets up to accomplish goals. These could range from working to continuing education, buying a house, or improving health. Participants meet at regular intervals to discuss their progress, and someone in the community will give a brief presentation on a topic. As participants make progress towards their goals, they receive financial compensation.

Big goals are broken down into small manageable steps; for each completed step participants will be rewarded with $25. Participants max out at $100 per month.

Achievement Club is a 6 month commitment with monthly meetings.

Everyone in the club will receive a packet of goals that have been pre-approved. If a participant’s goal is not in that packet, they will work with their coordinator to create a S.M.A.R.T. goal. The Club welcomes any and all goal achievement, but only S.MA.R.T. goals are eligible for incentive rewards.


If a participant attends every club meeting, he or she will receive a bonus check at graduation!

Community leaders and volunteers will present on each of the following topics: S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Community Leadership, Family Matters, Health, Increasing Income, and Money Matters.

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