2741 Bayard St. East Point, GA 30344

About the Program

Our FLOW + IDA program is an update on our IDA program which we have operated since 2005. Financial Literacy = Ongoing Wealth + Individual Development Accounts, will provide clients with monthly direct cash payments. The objective of this program is to create financial stability, assist with basic needs, asset acquisition, and foster healthy financial decisions through education and coaching. This program is offered to both our homeless and those at risk of homelessness clients, and our program is open to both male and female headed households.
During the life of this program, our clients will receive direct cash payments, a portion is required to be deposited into their IDA, and a portion is required to be deposited into an emergency savings account. Upon the conclusion of this program, each client will have an increase in household income, an established emergency fund, and an IDA, to make their asset acquisition.